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2021 Negotiations - 6/10/21

To Fellow IF/SOA Members,

Another day of negotiations is down. We continue to get closer to the end. Today was a very long day and we did not finish until around 10pm. We are still fighting hard to deliver you a contract to vote on. 

We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to attend the Ratification Meeting on Sunday. That is your day to make your voice heard. We are hoping to see all of you there. For those of you that are scheduled to work your Local President will meet with you in the morning, explain the company's Last, Best and Final offer and allow you a ballot to vote. They will then bring your ballot to the meeting and put it in the ballot box to be counted with the votes in attendance. The meeting information is as follows:

IF/SOA Ratification Meeting

Sunday, June 13th, 2021

82 Saybrook Road
Higganum, CT 06441 

Again, we are still fighting and expect tomorrow to be another long day. Stay tuned for any updates that arise and we look forward to seeing all of you on Sunday.

Also, we continue to be grateful for the support of our Brothers and Sisters at the IAM, both LL700 & LL1746, for their continued support. Let them know that you appreciate it.

In Solidarity,

Your IF/SOA Negotiation Committee

2021 Negotiations - 6/9/21

To Fellow IF/SOA Union Members,

We are still alive and fighting! Not much to tell at this point. Going back and forth with proposals. No economics yet. There are still 2 days left and this committee is fighting hard to bring back to you a fair and decent contract. Stay tuned for more updates.

In Solidarity,

Your IF/SOA Negotiations Committee

Contract Ratification Meeting - Location/Time Updated

Contract Ratification Meeting

When: Sunday June 13th, 2021

Time: 11:00am

Where: IAM LL 700

             82 Saybrook Road

             Higganum, CT 06441

Meeting will be to discuss/vote on the ratification of a new Contractual Bargaining Agreement.

Question and Answer session will be provided. Social Distancing will be maintained.

2021 Negotiations - 6/7/21

To Fellow IF/SOA Members,

Nothing of significance to report. Nothing has changed. Elephant is still in the room. Stay tuned for more updates as we meet every day this week.

In Solidarity,

Your IF/SOA Negotiations Committee

2021 Negotiations - Day 3

To Fellow IF/SOA Members,

AM session was Q & A / fact checking on info requests...  Back and forth conversations, not unusual at this point in negotiations. Yes the elephant is still in the room! Again not unusual, long way to go...

PM session was the union submitted our proposals to the company and went over in detail...  A little more reasonable than their BS! Company wanted some time to go over with their committee and get back to us.

We still have a great deal of work to do brothers and sisters. Remember we are in this together, even though the company is trying to break us apart, we cannot not let that happen! NO SCAB PLANT PROTECTION AT PRATT!

Back at it tomorrow, stay tuned...  

Get a sticker (Pictured below) and put it on!  Thanks to our union Brothers and Sisters at I.A.M. Local's 700 and 1746 for all their support and let them know...

In Solidarity,

Your IF/SOA Negotiation Committee

2021 Negotiations - Day 2

To fellow IF/SOA Union Members,

Not much to report today as expected. The company spent the morning giving their non-economic proposals, which basically was removing the word East Hartford and Security from all articles and sections of the CBA and changing MT fire references to life safety. Yeah pretty much a joke so far... 

The afternoon was the Q&A on our info request for cost of the scab services which company proposed on Day 1. They had a hard time explaining and have to get back to us for answers...

Right now this is a total joke. The committee is prepared to fight these unrealistic proposals and stop Karen Frank from busting our union!   Solidarity Brothers and Sisters, we have a long way to go, but be ready if called on! Next round of bargaining is Wednesday June 2nd.

In Solidarity,

Your IF/SOA Negotiating Committee 

2021 Negotiations - Day 1

To fellow IF/SOA Union Members,

Day One of negotiation’s:

The company said that they had no proposals during the first session this morning. When we reconvened Karen Frank, Senior Director of Global Security, delivered her proposal which was to model East Hartford and Middletown to be in line with all Global Security locations. They proposed to vend out security, which would include Communications (dispatch), Identification and all security duties in both East Hartford & Middletown and to retain only Fire Services in Middletown. By doing this the company claims they will save labor cost. The committee was in shock as she delivered the presentation. The Union will do everything possible to preserve all jobs across the sites. The Union is currently awaiting information from the company as to how they arrived at this decision. We will keep the membership informed as we learn new information.

In Solidarity,

Your IF/SOA Negotiation Committee

2021 Negotiations

To all IF/SOA Members:

The time to negotiate our Contractual Bargaining Agreement is upon us. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have entered into an agreement with the Company to extend our contract for a few extra weeks. The current agreement will now expire on Sunday June 13th, 2021. All current CBA language will stay in effect until the new Ratification date. Along with this agreement is an understanding that the Memorial Day holiday will be paid per our usual holiday pay process.

We have tentatively scheduled our Ratification Meeting for Sunday June 13th, 2021, from 8:30am – 10:30am in East Hartford at the:

IAM Union Hall

357 Main Street

East Hartford CT, 06118

We encourage our members to watch for further notices as dates, times or locations may change.

In Solidarity,

John Moran



New Electronic Contract Posted

We have posted the 2018 Contract under the tab - Contract & By-Laws.

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